AMBD 7 Day Springboard to Success Class.

Whether it is a new year or a new phase of your life, we all have a list of resolutions, goals, or changes we would like to make happen in the coming year or simply to start a new phase of our lives.


Hey there, it's Tamara from and I hope you're having a fantastic and prosperous day :)

With 2022 eagerly awaited, we wanted to give a gift to all our friends, associates, and clients, to boost success in all your endeavors in the coming years.  To do this, we are offering a FREE 7-Day Goal Setting Springboard to prepare for the launch of our brand-new program:



Now is the perfect time for you to run a challenge like this for yourself and your employees.  This 2021 step-by-step program will help you set yourself up for success in achieving, and at times exceeding, your goals.

It will take some planning, hard work, dedication, and accountability.  The rewards will be well worth it if what you are setting out to accomplish means anything to you.  Keep your “Why” in the forefront of your mind to help you push through the challenges.


Sign up by downloading our 7-Day Goal Setting Springboard to springboard your goal-setting success.  After completing this free course, you will be sent an invitation to the 30 Day Challenge.