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Ways to improve client communication

Communication Breakdown Case Study – Web Industry Poor communication is a surefire way to damage any project or relationship, but in this particular case, the lack of communication was not the issue; the company provided regular updates on projects and milestones and so on. Rather, it was the words they used when giving those updates and answering questions. The problem was that the provider spoke “Web speak” and nothing else. Communication will fail if your messages are confusing to your audience. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this complaint from someone when discussing their Web team. While they appreciate the provider’s knowledge of the profession and industry, they bemoan the rea

How to stay organized at work

What are "Good Organizational Skills"? If you have ever had to search through endless stacks of papers to find the one document that you need, you know the value of being organized. It saves time and helps keep a business operating smoothly and profitably day to day and over the long term. "Good organizational skills" encompasses physical and mental organization and time management abilities. These skills are essential for successful business owners who need to balance a host of different duties. Physical Organization Clutter is often the culprit when it comes to disorganization in a work space. Make a point to clear out unneeded papers, file documents in the appropriate places and put unus

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