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Hey there, it's Tamara from again, and we are so happy you've progressed through our 7-Day Springboard to Success to arrive here at our 30-Day Challenge!

If you arrived here before completeing our 7-Day Springboard to Success, we offered a FREE 7-Day Goal Setting Springboard to prepare for the launch of this brand-new program, our Apex Momentum 30 Day Challenge.

You should now have already participated in:

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If not, click on the title of the Springboard to get this free program.  Now is the perfect time for you to run a challenge like this for yourself and your employees.  Our 2021 step-by-step Program will help you set you up for success in achieving, and at times exceeding, your goals.

It will take some planning, hard work, dedication, and accountability.  The rewards will be well worth it if what you are setting out to accomplish means anything to you.  Keep your “Why” in the forefront of your mind to help you push through the challenges.


Our Apex Momentum 30-Day Challenge Includes:


Step 1: Be Smart from the Start and Set Yourself Up for Success


Time for your planning session!


Sometimes, the first thing you need to do is to unclutter your mind in order to find out what task or goal is important enough, and will make enough of an impact, to make it worth devoting 30 days of your life to.  I start to do this by writing down my “Nag” list.  This is a list that puts down in writing all those responsibilities, or neglected necessities, that I have been procrastinating for one reason or another.


Mine is usually something like paying the property taxes on an out-of-state income property of mine before the end of the year, reorganizing and scrubbing the mudroom walls and floor to repaint and redecorate, or cleaning out my craft room because it is cluttered and probably infested with spiders (which is the reason it hasn’t been cleaned in over a year which only makes it worse!) or just getting my taxes organized and done early so it doesn’t nag at me until it is done.  Can you tell I have an aversion to taxes?


Then, after these thorns are no longer stabbing your subconscious, and cluttering the back of your mind, you can really delve into something that will require a 30-day focus.  This is where you will need to know why you are going through all the trouble.  It can’t just be that you want more money, time, or recognition.  Ask yourself why you want more money, time, or recognition.  Then, ask yourself that question again, and again, until you get to the root of what makes you, you.  You need to understand what drives you from your deepest emotional core.


i.e.       I want more money… to get out of debt… so I am less stressed… to focus more on quality time with my family… my children deserve my full attention… because when I was a child my parent(s) were not there for me… I want my babies to know and have the love and support I never had.


Your 1st Step to go over and fill out is to reverse engineer the path you need to take to reach your goal.  It is strategic planning at its finest.​


Step 2: Enlist help from an accountability partner - Afraid you won’t stick to the rules? Get a coach or friend to hold you accountable so you can enjoy the benefits of finishing your challenge.  Make sure that the person you go to for accountability has success in the area in which you strive to grow.  Also, that they will be honest and strong support if you begin to backslide.  If you do not have someone capable of tough love, give us a try!  Apex Accountability Services


​Step 3: Optimize Yourself & Optimize Your Goals - Consider bettering your personal life, with a workout, clean eating, education, meditation, or self-care challenge.​


Step 4: Being Able to Use Your Comfort Zone to Skyrocket - While it’s great to step out of your comfort zone to take your life down a path not yet traveled, it will be frustrating and ultimately defeating to do something you actively hate for 30 days. Use your passion, your strengths, and your personal work ethics to determine the best challenges for you.​


Step 5: Pushing Outside of Your Comfort Zone - The best (and most profitable) growth takes place outside your comfort zone, so don’t be afraid to push your comfort limits a bit.​


Step 6: Track + Multiply Your Results - Where will you get the biggest bang for your buck? If you’re going to do anything for 30 days straight, make sure you’ll massively benefit from it–and that you can quantify those benefits.​


Step 7: Challenge Your Tribe to Join You - Everything’s more fun when you’re with your friends and/or family, so go ahead and challenge your community to join along.

And so on...​

If you need additional assistance with goal setting, are looking to start a business: write a book; develop a new product or service; or would like to hire a professional accountability partner, please contact us using the information below.

Every blessing to you and the tribe you build along your journey!