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Many of our clients or members of their team attend seminars, sign up for outsourcing packages, resources, materials, classes, e-commerce suppliers, and so many other "great ideas" to either start or grow their business.  Most starting entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves and cannot squeeze into a day all that one day requires.  It is for this reason that we began Apex Momentum Business Development, LLC.  We have become rather skilled at untangling the mess made by putting the cart before the horse.

However, on occasion, our clients are overwhelmed with responsibilities instead of just tasks.  Knowing what to tackle next, staying focused, or motivated, goes a long way toward success.  Below we give a list of examples and offer three tiers of service to assist with remaining on track by providing reminders, gentle nudges, and tough love accountability.

Support For:

Our part in an accountability relationship is to help you stay focused, motivated, and productive. We apply tactics of reminding you of your "why," what you may want to consider as your next "to do.", gentle nudges in the right direction, and tough love accountability. You may need a risk/reward scenario that goes beyond purchasing this package, such as social media admissions; disposing of all the chocolate in the house, etc. This is something we will discuss during our first call.


We will do our best to hold you accountable. 

Here are a few of the reasons people have hired us for our accountability services in the past.

Educational Applications

When taking one of our classes, such as What's Your Story: A Comprehensive Class for Aspiring Writers, they may need help getting through writer's block, designing or maintaining a schedule designed to program new habits to advance their writing productivity.


Knowing what you need to do and actually doing it can be two different battles to face.  You may love the creative process of developing articles, memes, or ads but hate the technical side of uploading or posting to social media (or visa versa).  Ideally you could outsource the work or hire an employee yet, not every startup has the capital to do so.  We can help to motivate and inspire you.


This is where you may get bogged down with all the hats an entrepreneur, business owner, or investor needs to wear on a daily basis.  Sometimes you may need someone knowledavle about your processes and procedures to bounce ideas off of for no other purpose than to speak them out loud and get some feedback from a trustworthy, confidential source.


Maybe you have decided to lose weight or redesign some other aspect of your life.  These can be challenging undertakings at best.  In our Apex Momentum 30 Day Challenge we cover what true manifesting is, but it is hard work, not simply picturing a result in your head.  We also explore why your subconscious is out to thwart you, "for your own good."  This type of undertaking requires accountability so you can work though the challenges by using support to accomplish your goals.  Many people have someone to turn to for accountability, but not everyone does.  We are here for those people.