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These courses are multiple class series of digital classes to help with different aspects of launching, growing, and becoming more profitable in your chosen industry or niche.  We serve entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.  Some of the few categories of clients we have served are local artists, musicians, writers, service providers, inventors, and retail business owners.


In our classes, we share techniques on how to achieve and maintain a high level of inspiration; how to organize your thoughts into cohesive, efficient actions; how to tackle challenges, stay focused, and reach your deadlines; what is involved in intellectual property, brand management, or whatever topic you are struggling with.

These classes include brilliant illustrations, printable handouts, digital worksheets, and other materials you will find extremely valuable.

Additional one-to-one coaching during or after the classes can be requested at our standard rate of $45/session. Just log into your Client Portal once it is assigned and schedule sessions as needed.

What's Your Story

This is a six-part series of digital classes to help you achieve and maintain a high level of inspiration; how to organize cohesive and well-flowing chapters or sections; How to tackle writers' block, stay focused, and reach your deadlines; understand the publishing process, marketing, enjoy continued success as a writer; and so much more...

Marketing Strategies & Activities

Our customizable nine-part series discusses the types of strategies and activities that are most beneficial to your industry and/or niche.  


The Classes offered in this course are:
* Advertising
* Nonprofit Involvement
* Customer Marketing
* Internet Marketing
* Joint Venture Marketing
* Promotional Evens
* Public Speaking
* Publicity Marketing

Apex 30 Day Challenge

To take this course, you must have completed our FREE 7-Day Springboard to Success! With each 30-day increment that you employ the principles found in this program, you choose to advance your life. Reprogramming your sub-conscience is truly transformational. Manifesting is so much more than just picturing something in your head, it can be hard work. 

We look forward to working with you in our online community during this course.

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AMBD Marketing Strategies and Activities
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