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Where better to put your time, effort, and money than in your home town?

Regardless of your intent to volunteer your time, invest your hard earned income toward the most possible return on your investment, or provide a product or service to the community where it had once lacked, this is the place to start!




Strategic planning is underway to develop a way to locally provide financial support, investment opportunity, insurance, and legal circulation of revenue generated within this industry.

If you a grower, distributor, wholesale or retail supplier, contact us to see about this pioneer opportunity here in Western Colorado.

We are hoping to combine forces from the City, County, and State level to leverage cooperation with the Federal Government. There are benefits to this new industry, not just as a medicinal alternative, but to boost economic development. This cannot be realized as long as at a Federal level, this revenue stream is considered "illegal". We are working with other organizations to simplify these challenges.

Due to the Securities and Exchange Commission having regulatory oversight regarding the extension of credit in the securities industry to the Federal Reserve Board. Even as a Self-regulatory organization, we would operate within the broader framework of federal law and the SEC.

Our efforts are to ensure our potential clients, those who function within the cannabis industry, are obliged to comply with the USA Patriot Act and covered under the AML (Anti-money laundering) laws.

This will also take into consideration that our customers should no longer fear being reported under the SARs (Suspicious Activity Reports), that we at present, are required to file for transactions equal or exceeding $5,000.

Our concern is our potential customers have been violating federal criminal laws, since these funds relate to (Federally but not State recognized) illegal activity; may have evaded the reporting requirements of structured transactions until now; and have therefore not been able to recirculate their revenue or invest it for the betterment of their businesses, private lives, the community, or the economy. This is our contribution to regulatory compliance within the beneficial and current framework of US Currency regulations.

We are looking to work toward offering:

Objectives and Risks:

Income / Growth / Preservation of Capital / Tax Relief / Risk Tolerance / Time Horizon

Types of Basic Accounts:
o Individual Account
o Joint Account (JTWROS, TIC and TOD)
o Corporate Accounts
o Partnership Accounts
o Fiduciary Accounts

Trading Authorizations
No Discretionary Accounts
Brokerage Accounts
o Cash
o Margin
o Options

Our challenges are tied up in the variances between Federal and State laws that would affect:
• Mutual Funds being registered with the SEC
• FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) being a Federal agency.
• Our Personnel Registrations (Form U-4)
• Being a Member of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation)

We are also in development of a unique code of procedure.

Our Coop members would be investors and therefore receive dividends proportionate to the profits accumulated by the cooperative.




Rethink networking! Rely on a professional to save you time and money (in business they are not exclusive), by targeting the industries, businesses and specific people that can ratchet your success to the next level and beyond. Let's start booking some profitable events!

An ongoing challenge in our area has recently been brought to our attention. We have an unmatched opportunity to not only provide entertainment to the masses, but to actually define ourselves as a cultural nucleus. We are the mid point between Salt Lake City and Denver and on a greater scale, coast to coast. Having all of our exits with clear and central access to Interstate 70, this is an amazing opportunity for our lodging, dining, entertainment, and retail establishments.

Anyone who has taken the "Chocolate Walk" downtown Grand Junction during this holiday season, has heard about how we used to house and feature some of the greatest names in entertainment. Surely just because we travel by car, truck, train, and plane, and not stagecoach, this need not change. We have dropped the ball!

This initiative also takes into account and could address all of the talent in our area that is underutilized and unrecognized.

AM Business Development has been asked to consider assisting a few of the venues in the area with filling their pace with Speakers, Conventions, Concerts, Comedy, Activist Groups, Performing Artists, or any other group that needs space and/or an audience.

If you operate a venue, hotel, catering or transportation business, or are a public speaker or entertainer, please contact us. We would love to match you to the other businesses that are looking for you today!

Reaching a Deal



Until recently imposed, restrictive legislature can be overturned regarding employment, insurance, pay, and other topics, it has become increasingly beneficial for companies to hire contractors instead of employees. Contractors, for the range of support businesses need, are in short supply.

It is easier to pay a 1099 employee than it is to pay a W2 employee.

Therefore, if you have the education, skill set, and tenacious drive to be self-employed, contact us to see what is involved in starting and running a business. When you have a professional to guide you through the process, you may just be surprised at the simplicity and the economic benefits of it.

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