Corporate Planning

Market Research, Corporate Culture, and Logistics

What are the best ways to reach affiliates and customers?

Who are your customers and what is your message to them? 

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Stay in touch with your supply chain and your customers.  There is no greater benefit than real-time communication.


Registration & Compliance

Industry, City, County, State, and Federal Considerations

What systems and processes do you need for accounts payable, receivable, merchant services, banking, payroll, and taxes.

What industry-specific regulations and restrictions apply to your business?

Are you establishing a for-profit or a non-profit organization?  What reporting and management structure is your entity taking?

Strategic Planning

Reaching your destination requires steps along a path that maintains focus and direction.  With proper planning and execution of the correct processes, procedures, and precautions, all in the right order, you will achieve a legal and profitable business.  Below are a few resources for you.

Merchant Services

05/16 - 12/18

The most important aspect of starting and growing a company is getting paid.  Simplify the process.


$540 min. value

Human Resources

02/17 - 12/18

Your only as successful as your team and no one can build an empire by themselves.  Let's explore your employment requirements. 


$540 min. value

Web & Social Media

07/17 - 12/18

A top priority for prospecting and engaging customers is managing your web & social media.  We are here to help.


$540 min. value

 Scales of Justice

Legal Assistance

01/17 - 07/18

Make sure you are protected from the beginning of every interatction & with any situation that could arise.



Fireman with Mustache

Insurance Services

0/17 - 05/18

From general business liability to employment insurance, E&O among others...



Call Center


01/19 - 01/23

Can you provide a service at two out of three:

1. Less expensively 

2. Most skilled/professionally

3. Most efficiently/quickly

If not, outsource the work.